The Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) is an international research centre and museum founded on the conviction that architecture is a public concern. Bluesponge was given the mandate to design the new CCA online, aiming at presenting its content in a flat, non-hierarchical and fluid way, with integrated access to all CCA activities and resources.

My role in this project involved doing field research work within the CCA community and its staff members. Later, I actively collaborated on the overall concept of the new CCA online and in the iterative design process characteristic of a project like this.

The following images represent some of the early visuals put together during the conception phase in close collaboration with Mirko Zardini, Steffen Böddeker, Alexandra McIntosh, Marian Kolev and Fady Atallah. These images and works were presented at the Museums and the Web conference back in 2009. The website has been chosen in the past as the web pick of the day by Communication Arts, and in 2011 as a Webby Award nominee.